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“My father and grandfather were both silversmiths, and my introduction to the craft came at an early age. I remember spending time as a child in both my father’s shop and our retail store, where we sold silver hollowware, flatware, baby goods and other items. As I grew older, I worked in the family business and learned polishing, soldering, silver-plating and all other aspects of silverware restoration. After graduating high school, I took a full-time position with my father and spent the next 20 years mastering the trade. During this time, I also pursued courses in metalsmithing at Rhode Island School of Design and business management at Dean Junior College.

For nearly 40 years I have continued our family tradition of providing outstanding silver restoration. My experience includes restoration of silverware, church ware, trophies, dresser sets and other objects.  My passionate care for every family heirloom in my trust is inspired by both the history and personal meaning of these pieces, as well as my drive to continue to merit the excellent reputation my family’s work holds within the industry.”

Roger Jette

ROJETTE Silver Restoration
38 Vine Street
Franklin, MA 02038
Phone: 508-520-1493
Email: rojette@verizon.net

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